14 Apr 2024
Unlock The Power Of Colors For Your Dress And Tops Choices

Unlock The Power Of Colors For Your Dress And Tops Choices 

When you dress up for a party, office, wedding ceremony, or date night, you always choose different clothes featuring different colours.  For example, to go to a wedding party, you mostly pick vibrant and ceremonial colours like red, orange, pink, etc. 

On the other hand, if it is an office meeting or conference, you are most likely to pick out something grey, white, black or brown. Have you ever thought about why you chose your red tops for weddings and blue dresses for dinner dates? 

This is so because the colour you wear speaks volumes about your personality and mood. Let’s check what pink tops or white dresses tell about your personality and why you chose them for specific occasions. 


People choose red dresses for celebrations, casual parties, and even office parties. Red is a warm and bold shade. A person wearing a red top or dress looks confident and distinct. Most cultures associate this vibrant hue with intense emotions like love, passion, etc. 

Therefore, when you walk into a room full of people wearing a red dress, the spotlight spontaneously moves on you. The best part is people with all types of physical features and skin tones can wear red dresses.  To shop for good quality red tops, check out the collection of ONLY today.   


Pink is mostly considered a feminine colour. Therefore, this shade necessarily upholds the qualities of the feminine gender. Be it a bunch of pink roses or women wearing pink tops, this colour always imparts warm vibes—pink stands for care, nurturing, softness, emotions, and gentleness. 

So, if you wish to flaunt a trendy but submissive look, wear a pink top with a pair of blue jeans to look stunning. However, pink best goes with lighter skin tones. But, dark pink shades with a matt finish suit people with darker skin tones as well. 


The shade of blue stands for trust, peace, loyalty, profoundness, and maturity. This is why many women choose blue blazers and blue skirts while heading to a formal meeting or event. 

If you wish to add a dose of gravity to your personality, wearing blue dresses remains the best choice. To buy a beautiful blue dress, check out ONLY’s online collection. 

However, some people also associate this tone with sadness, despair, and anxiety as well. However, if you wear blue dresses with elegance and a smile on your face, you will simply look gorgeous, resolved, and poised. This tone suits all skin colour types and people with all types of physical features. 


When do you generally wear a white dress? It may be when you head for an event or occasion that has some link with peace, purity, perfection, or freshness.

 White is a tone that expresses your mind’s determination and serenity. Much like blue, white dresses suit people of all skin tones and physical shapes. 

ONLY is one of the most renowned clothing brands. Here, you will find various designs for white dresses, red dresses, red tops, and pink tops. Buy premium-quality apparel from ONLY to complete your fashion wardrobe collection. You can wear clothes of different colours depending on your state of mind, skin tone, and the place you are going to.   


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