24 Feb 2024
Roof Covering Product Selections

Roof Covering Product Selections 

Steeper roofs can be covered with a variety of materials, with asphalt shingles being among the most common, as well as the simpler do-it-yourself choices. Also, here you need to choose between three-tab roof shingles and architectural shingles. You can contact a residential and commercial service if you are planning to install a new or replace your existing roof.

  • Asphalt Roof Shingles

A single panel of three roof shingles is pinned down at the same time for the simplest look of a slate roofing set up. Asphalt tiles are developed, as well as shaped to reproduce the appearance of many various roof shingles such as hand-staved, or octagon scales drinks.  

  • Metal Roofing

There is a range of metal choices, from copper to more typical aluminum and steel that is galvanized or covered for corrosion resistance.

    • Slate

Standard roof covering still available today includes slate, newer materials that simulate it, and cedar roof shingles. The ancient barreled roofing system tile is still around requiring the capability of a specialized roofing contractor.

  • Floor Tile

Ceramic tile is available in modern products such as layered steels, and thermal plastics constructed in simple mount panels to match the Mediterranean look of terra-cotta and ceramic.

  • Cedar and Timber Shingles

Cedar, as well as wood roof shingles, last and maintain their shape utilizing a ventilating underlayment. The thick matrix of the woven fibers produces airspace between the deck and shingle and prevents dampness damage by allowing the roof shingles to completely dry.


The Durability of Roof Covering Materials

The toughness of roofing products differs significantly. You can expect 15-20 years from most level roof coverings, 25-30 years from cedar or asphalt shingles, and 50 or even more years from slate or metal.

Repair work as well as Tasks to Think about

Having to detach an old roof covering first can double the price of a fundamental asphalt roof shingles roofing system substitute. Code does permit the second layer of tiles to be contributed to an existing shingled roof. Nevertheless, it’s not the best technique, as leaving the old shingles on does not let you check for, as well as repair any damage to the roofing system sheathing.


Leakage doesn’t always mean you have to replace the entire roof covering. Most leakages take place at infiltrations, such as plumbing vents/skylights. In most cases, fixing the flashing at the penetration will deal with the leakage.

Ice Dams

In chilly climates, leakages typically take place along the eaves because of ice damming. When warm leaking right into the attic thaws snow on the roofing, the meltwater can refreeze when it gets down to the cooler overhangs, forming ice dams.

Solar Panels

One example of when you wish to replace an existing older roofing system is before installing photovoltaic panels. Since solar panels have a lifespan of 20-30 years, you wish to guarantee the roofing below them will last as long.

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