13 Jun 2024
How Should Large Men Dress?

How Should Large Men Dress? 

You already know the stereotypes about overweight men: that they are careless, lazy, greedy, etc. Despite how unjust these assessments may be, they represent the status quo in modern society. Bad or uncaring style of an individual with an average or skinny build renders them forgettable. When seen on a fat man, it is seen as confirmation of the aforementioned pessimistic assumptions.

Despite the frustration, it does present a strong case for always putting your best face forward. That can be done with the same ease by a paunchy man as by anyone else, thankfully.

What A Big Man Wants From His Clothes 

Let’s discuss how fat men should dress (วิธี แต่งตัว ผู้ชาย อ้วน, which is the term in Thai). Keep these things in mind when shopping for clothing that will fit a plus-size body:

·       Fit 

Any lumps, wrinkles, or sags in your clothing will make you look untidy and careless. When applied to a large man, the effect is magnified, and the result is even more unattractive. It’s a common misconception that by wearing things that are multiple sizes too big, big men can hide their bulk. However, wearing baggy clothing does not help conceal your weight and only serves to lower your overall look and impression.

Also, the more relaxed and confident you feel in your clothes, the better they will do for your mental and physical health. Therefore, the fit of an item of clothing should always be your priority. You don’t want the fabric to cling to your body too tightly or to leave visible folds against your skin.

There is a slim chance that you will find something that fits perfectly off the rack, so it’s worth your time to get to know an excellent tailor. Hemming pants or tucking in a shirt at the midsection are easy and inexpensive ways to transform clothes from a department store into something that fits perfectly.

·       Ease Of Use 

Having a large physical stature automatically lends you an air of authority. Keep your clothing understated to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself. High-quality menswear that accommodates larger frames tries to limit the number of repeating patterns. Think solid-colour jackets, subtly striped shirts, etc., to help flatter your figure, instead of clothing with intricate designs.

·       Easy To Carry 

Big men should be wary of heavy clothing because it can hold heat in and contribute to dehydration. It’s best to dress lightly even if you don’t tend to perspire excessively.

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